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Fitness Challenge Max Out

The fitness challenge MAX OUT is here!

You asked and we’ve answered! Our new and improved fitness challenge MAX OUT has arrived.

We are looking forward to cheering you on as you continue to reach your fitness goals and work towards this new challenge. Be sure to stop in at the front desk and sign up! Lots of fun prizes and awards coming your way so don’t miss out.

Bicep Curl: Men: 25 lbs |  Women: 15 lbs per side

Leg Press: Men: 200 lbs |  Women: 150 lbs |  50+: 100lbs

Flex Arm Hang: 5 PTS / 30 secs

Bosu Push Up: 2PT / per push up

Rowing Machine: 3:30 for distance

Reverse Push-Up (Inverted Row): 1PT / rep