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Member Spotlight – Kurt Miller


This man can’t be stopped. We find ourselves constantly in awe by his sheer determination to conquer every workout he is given. He is often not afraid to openly challenge Andrew to work him harder as if he isn’t fazed by the increasingly bigger weights given to him. Kurt set out to remain active because he saw his friends becoming older and having more health concerns. He recognized the value of maintaining his health as he continued his journey through life. At the ripe age of 64, he has never let anything slow him down. He has made many sacrifices through his 36 years in the military and finally has time to relax. Unlike most, his idea of relaxing is hitting the weights and maintaining his impressive physique. He brings a great presence in the weight room and can regularly be heard with his signature grunts. Kurt continues to make everyone around him in the gym better by encouraging them to push through their personal workouts.

“Every gym needs a Kurt Miller, we are very grateful to have him as part of the Club Fitness family! He is a shining example of senior fitness and motivates me to keep working as hard as I can in every aspect of my life,” says Andrew.

Kurt has been a member since January and has been training with Andrew twice a week at our Castleton location. We definitely couldn’t turn our heads, he is truly inspiring!