Club Fitness of Vermont

Andrew Graciano

About Andrew Graciano

  • ISSA Certified Personal Trainer
  • Exercise Science and Health Science Major with a Sports Science Minor
  • Experience developing strength training, stretching, and cardio programs for all age groups
  • Program design for collegiate athletes based on speed/agility and strength training

My fitness journey began during junior year of high school. My goal was to play collegiate baseball. The only problem was that I wasn’t nearly as big as the other people competing at the next level. I made it a mission to get bigger, faster, and stronger in any way I could. I lived in the weight room gaining pound after pound to achieve my goal. After achieving my goal I was satisfied with the results and talking to coaches around the region. Just as my senior year was finishing up I tore my UCL which meant surgery. After going through a long, brutal, and slow process of regaining my arm strength I also gained a little weight that some would call the freshman fifteen. This then transitioned my goals of gaining muscle and strength to weight loss and getting back in shape. Since then I have had the privilege to play ball at Castleton University as well as working with others to help achieve their goals.

If you are serious about reaching your fitness goals then I will give you every tool you need to achieve them. By no means is this an easy journey but if you commit to the process you will see results just like I have. I hope to use my fitness story to show others that I was in their shoes once too. Using hard work and commitment we will reach your goals, whether it be getting ready for the wedding or maintaining health so you can enjoy life as long as possible.

I am extremely excited to help you all achieve your Fitness goals and push you to do things you never thought were possible in a healthy and realistic manor!!!