Club Fitness of Vermont

Chrystal Rademacher

About Chrystal Rademacher

  • Associates of Occupational Studies in Personal Training
  • 6+ years experience; weight loss, toning, strength, agility, and mental wellness.

I grew up playing basketball, softball, and track. Being fit and active was a lifestyle my Dad always instilled in me at a very young age. When I decided what I wanted for my career I went for it. I realized I could take my passion of fitness and help others struggling to find theirs, by giving them the knowledge they needed to pursue a healthy lifestyle in the safest most beneficial way possible.

Once I dug into the fitness industry and my career more, I made the leap to Florida from my home state Colorado. When I settled in I started work with LA Fitness. I decided to take a different route and learn to grow into a manager and a leader, so I took that opportunity. I started from the bottom as a Personal Training Sales Counselor and worked my way into a successful Personal Training Director.

5 years later I made yet another move to come to small-town Vermont and be a part of Club Fitness, a company I am so excited to grow with. The fitness industry is one that will continue to grow and change and is a necessity to live the longest healthiest life possible.

Being able to pursue a passion and career that helps better the lives of others is so exciting to me. I can not wait to help every one of you start your fitness journey and be a part of the healthy lifestyle I know you can create!!