Club Fitness of Vermont

Sean Manovill

After graduation from Castleton State College (VT) in 2004 (Business Marketing Degree), took an opportunity to move to Tampa, FL to embark on the journey in the fitness industry.

As a sales consultant with Premier Fitness Marketing, started in the industry, quickly was promoted to Promotion Supervisor within the first 9 months with the company.  As a Supervisor, my goal was to arrive at fitness centers that hired our company, analyze the business model, hire a part time staff (for 8-12 weeks), and set a plan to raise monthly EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) for the facility.  Duties included: (1) train current employees to be most productive while at work, (2) train and develop new staff to drive new potential clients and customers to the facility, and retain these customers for time to come, (3) and be the leader in all sales for the facility in the time at the club.  After over three years with Premier Marketing, looked to continue to grow within the industry and landed at the mega company of the industry LA Fitness.

Starting with LA Fitness as a sales counselor, excelled and was promoted to Assistant Manager inside of the first 12 months with the company.  Over the next year, once again driven for promotion within the company, the next step was General Manager.  As a General Manager for over 6 years for LA Fitness, a compilation of many awards and accolades were accepted.  Numerous sales records and top bonus levels were culminated with the opportunity to run one of the country’s top signature clubs in South Tampa, FL.  After 26 months at the mega club (Signature LA Fitness), decided to take talents and drive to the small business world, and have been emulating all learned and developed to make personal business thrive and grow.

The fitness industry is one which has always been changed and dictated by those who foresee the proactive and reactive measures needed to continue growth in an ever-changing market.