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Group Pump

This high-intensity interval training will give you a full-body workout. Trainers switch the station work for every single class. With 30 – 60 seconds on and 10 – 20 second active rest, you will burn calories, build strength, and tone your entire body. All stations are adjustable for all fitness levels from beginner to advanced training.

Core Dynamics

This class is meant to shock our core to the fullest, and activate the most important muscle groups in our body. Fire up your abs, lower back, and glutes to help build a stable, stronger, and more powerful core!

Barre and Beyond

Club Fitness guides you through movements inspired by dance, yoga, and Pilates to give you a full-body workout. Barre will help shape lean, toned muscles for a firm sculpted body.This class is great to increase flexibility, balance, posture, and overall strength.

Barre Pump 

This class is a fun twist on your favorite Barre class. Club Fitness uses high-intensity interval training to create a fun head-to-toe workout. You’ll be challenged each week with exercises designed to challenge your balance, improve stamina, and increase overall strength and flexibility.

Circuit and Balance 

Joel brings great energy to this fun core and balance-focused class. Functional training stations are used with exercises designed to help improve posture, endurance, balance and build overall strength.

Stretch Dynamics

This 30-minute class is perfect to increase flexibility and circulation in the body. Stretching is a fantastic way to activate and stimulate your muscles to help increase balance, improve muscle recovery, and increase your range of motion.


Erin brings great energy and balance to the studio.  Push yourself and enjoy the benefits to this excellent yoga experience.  This is not your generic yoga class, this will help tighten and tone while increasing circulation and flexibility.


Nicole takes you through a fun and effective workout in this Latin-dance-inspired Fitness class. Zumba uses the rhythm in high-energy Latin music to infuse dance moves and create a total body workout. You are sure to burn a ton of calories in this energetic atmosphere!

Tai Chi

Join Vy and learn through a progression of meditative movements designed for improved relaxation, self-discipline, brain stimulation and overall health benefits. This is a fantastic group class to concentrate on balance, flexibility, and muscle strength to center your mind and body together.

Kids Fit Camp

A great opportunity for kids to embrace a healthy and active lifestyle. This is a great chance for kid’s age 5-12 to learn about the importance of exercise while having a great time. Fitness made fun can lead kids to develop active and positive lifestyles.

Turf Sports Remix

Get your athletic shoes on and get ready to WORK!  This sports specific class on the turf will have you remembering the good old days playing sports in the backyard.  From agility training, sled pulls, relay races and more, Turf class will excite you as you improve your quickness, explosiveness, and total body reaction.