Club Fitness of Vermont


Tai Chi Full of slow focused movements accompanied by deep breathing techniques. Move at your own pace through the sequenced movements, your body will be in constant motion throughout the whole class. Great slow-paced class for all members.

Yoga- 1 hour of mind and body exercises practiced for health and relaxation. This class will consist of specific postures, fight meditation, and breath control. Perfect to help relieve stress.

Stretch- 30 minutes of stretching all muscle groups. This class will allow you to gain flexibility and feel less stiff throughout the day, and also help prevent injuries.

Pump- 1 hour of exercise targeting all major muscle groups. This class is all about intervals, raising and lowering your HR with active rest movements between exercises! You will be doing basic movements that can be progressed or regressed if needed. You may have stations to move between or all exercises will be done in the same spot.

Circuit- 1 hour of exercise following different stations (10-15) that target different movements such as, push, pull, squat, lunge or core. Each station will be 1 minute following a short 15 second rest period while in transition to the next station.

Kickboxing- 1 hour of constant movement based around martial arts combined with boxing and forms of karate. This class will definitely get you moving and raise that heart rate. Go as fast or as slow as needed during this fun interactive class. Burn up to 900 Calories in the hour.

Core- 30 minutes of AB burning fun. This class will consist of standing or mat exercises targeting your core strength and stability.

Suspension- 1 hour of exercise using our new suspension trainers. You will be using your own body weight for all exercises, the difficulty is based on how high or low you are standing with the suspension trainer. Each bodyweight exercise targets strength, flexibility, and core stability. This class will not be limited to the suspension trainers and may involve matt or dumbbell exercises.

Blue Rush- 1 hour of HIGH-INTENSITY exercises under our blue lights and upbeat music. You will be completing a series of exercises targeting all muscle groups and not limited to a specific piece of equipment. This class is the only one we recommend to members that feel as though they are ready to challenge themselves and move to the next level of exercise. Be prepared for your HR to raise and Fat to burn during this full body high energetic class. Of course, we welcome anyone, so if you are wanting to try Blue Rush know it is okay to step out if the workouts become to difficult to complete.